05 August 2012

Le Week-End Africain - the Slit Drums

These are wooden slit drums which made a beautiful sound. You can see in one of the small photos that the performer has carried the drum to the edge of the stage so he and it can be photographed. 


Ce sont des tambours à fente en bois qui ont une belle sonorité. Vous pouvez voir dans l'une des petites photos que l'interprète a posé le tambour sur le bord de la scène et ainsi lui et l'instrument peuvent  être photographiés. 


  1. I love the first shot - how his lit face,body,and drum,jumps out of the black background.

  2. My favourite, photo no. 3!
    I don't know who is more fascinating - the artist or the photographer!
    Great shot!
    Barbara from Germany

  3. these are marvelous, jilly. so full of energy.

  4. Your first photo is terrific, Jilly.


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