26 August 2012

Before 'La Rentrée'

Not long now and it will be time for 'la rentrée' when the crowds leave the beaches and head for home. Back to work and back to school. But for the moment, no one is thinking of that ...


Dans peu de temps maintenant, ce sera l'heure de  «la rentrée» quand la foule quittera les plages et rentrera chez elle. Retour au travail et à l'école. Mais pour l'instant, personne ne pense à ça.


  1. I think I could enjoy a few days of this.

  2. I'd love to be people watching there!

  3. coming down in next week, and as always, a trill of excitement

  4. I'm heading down to Menton tomorrow from Germany. I can't wait to soak up the sun. If you see a woman with a pink octopus tattoo on her arm, that's me. ")

  5. Such a typical summer atmosphere!

    With lots of rain here followed by mistral today I can say that the hottest of summer is over for us. Do you feel the same in Menton?


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