24 August 2012

Flamenco! - Curtain Call

It's almost over - time for the curtain calls.  Here are three of the dancers - Y Jesus Carmona, Maria Moreno and  Antonio Morino 'Choro.'  We saw the beautiful Maria dancing HERE.   The male dancers were every bit as fabulous as the women but I'm not happy with my photos of them - so we'll see the boys next year!


La soirée est presque finie - c'est le moment des rappels. Voici trois des danseurs - Y Jesus Carmona , Maria Moreno et Antonio Morino 'Choro.'  Nous avons vu la belle  Maria qui dansait ICI.  Les danseurs étaient tout aussi excellents que les danseuses, mais je ne suis pas satisfaite de mes photos - alors nous verrons les garçons l'an prochain!


  1. The dancing move echoes my restless mood today. Your photo ciphers the beats to make people move.

  2. I wish I were back in Sevilla, Cordoba, Jerez... not forgetting Menton of course! :-)

  3. You're not happy with the photos?
    My God, Jilly, they have been excellent!
    This last one is so colorful - the red blouse, the dark background, the expression in her big eyes, she's framed by two photogenic men; what's not to like?

  4. Jilly : the CDPB Theme Day is on again next weekend, 1st September, and the theme is 'People Watching'. You are welcome to contribute to Eric's Face Book group page (http://www.facebook.com/groups/2628431329/) or to the Linky page for those who do not frequent FB (http://cdpbthemeday.blogspot.com.au/). I hope you are able to contribute.

    Cheers and take care

  5. Nikon, no what I meant was I'm not happy with photos I took of the male dancers, hence not showing them. I only showed the girls and was very happy with those. Next year the boys!

  6. Re comment on dementia: Not at all useless, Jilly. Not at all ...

    I am blessed with my access to, and relationship with each of these people. And with their ready agreement to having their photo taken. Only two have resisted ... and I honour that.

    It is a challenging end to a life, I agree. As much for family as for the person with dementia. But one can have a relationship with them, with the right level of respect.

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