18 August 2012

Flamenco! - the Volunteers

After the beautiful chants in the church, everyone has made their way to the Place aux Victoires for dinner under the stars and where, later, we'll enjoy fabulous flamenco.   We've been shown to our allocated tables and served delicious (and strong!) sangria by the many volunteers in their red t-shirts.   Alain lights a candle - and that's Pierre in the photo below.  The volunteers were truly fabulous - organised, helpful and obviously having a good time themselves. Bravo to the volunteers of Gorbio!  Tomorrow: the paella!

Après les beaux chants dans l'église, tout le monde s'est dirigé vers la Place des Victoires pour le dîner sous les étoiles et où, plus tard, nous allons admirer le fabuleux flamenco. On nous a conduits à la table qui nous était attribuée et une délicieuse (et forte!) Sangria nous a été servie par les nombreux bénévoles vêtus de t-shirts rouges. Alain allume une bougie - et c'est Pierre dans la photo ci-dessous. Les bénévoles étaient vraiment remarquables - organisés, utiles et de toutes évidences passaient eux-mêmes un bon moment. Bravo aux bénévoles de Gorbio!

Demain: la paella!


  1. Great shots, they are all so colorful with the strings of lights.
    The first shot is a perfect available light photo, I love the overhead lights and the look of the man.
    The last shot is a great candid, too. You two really connected!

  2. You have so many wonderful festivals, Jilly. Summer must be an endless party.

  3. Carolyn and I would have enjoyed the evening. Paco Peña and a troop of dancers are coming to the theater at a local university in the winter - hope we can catch that.


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