23 August 2012

Flamenco! - Alejandra Hernandez

Don't you just adore the dress! This is Alejandra Hernandez who danced fabulously. How difficult must it be to not only dance flamenco but manage this amazing dress and on top of that do all sorts of clever things with the shawl!


La robe n'est-elle pas adorable! Il s'agit d' Alejandra Hernandez qui a magnifiquement  dansé.  Comme il doit être difficile , non seulement de danser le  flamenco, mais de bouger cette robe incroyable et en plus de cela, de faire toutes sortes de mouvements harmonieux avec le châle!


  1. Great shots. I love how she pops out of the black background with the colors blazing.
    I love the motion shots, too - amazing results!

  2. The dress is beautiful and the motion blur is very very good to tell the dancing movement

  3. very nice. We saw the Flamenco show at the Music Palace in Barcelona last year. It was wonderful.

  4. I particularly like the third one because of the "clever thing with the shawl".

  5. Superb. You've captured something essential about flamenco: the top dancers look like they are not of this world.

  6. Beautiful capture of the emotion and intensity of the dance. . .


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