22 August 2012

Flamenco! - Eléna Hidalgo

This is Eléna Hidalgo from Madrid. Another fabulous dancer who entertained us at the Flamenco Festival in Gorbio.


Voici Eléna Hidalgo de Madrid. Une autre fabuleuse danseuse qui nous a régalés au Festival de Flamenco de Gorbio.


  1. her hands pointing on her backside look like the signals that the women beach volleyball players use.

    Both she and the volleyball players are athletes, but her wardrobe is WAY DIFFERENT than the "uniforms" of the women beach volleyball players.

  2. Stunning shots.
    I love the opening shot for that subtle color and the larger B&W version showing her "lunging" into the dance.
    All shots show her intensity beautifully.

  3. You have quite an essay building here.

  4. Great focus on the hands in the top one, beautiful.


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