29 April 2014

Bongo the dog and Tadzio?

This young Italian boy in Menton is trying to make his dog, Bongo, face the camera.

He so reminds me of Tadzio in that fabulous Visconti film 'Death in Venice.' Take a look at the photo on the left. I loved that film.


 A Menton, ce jeune garçon italien  essaie de placer  son chien, Bongo, face à l'appareil photo.

Il me rappelle tellement de Tadzio dans ce fabuleux film de Visconti  « Mort à Venise ». Voyez  la photo à gauche. J'ai adoré ce film.


  1. I can see why he reminds you of that movie.

    The dog's a beautiful hound.

  2. Wonderful portrait! 'Death in Venice' is one of the most beautiful films ever and one of Dirk Bogarde's best performances.

  3. These are fabulous. I've never seen the film - or read the novel - but these images have an exceptional tenderness and beauty. Brava.

  4. A wonderful photo. And, you have a remarkable memory. I can't remember any of the characters in movies I have seen in the past month.

  5. Jack, all I remembered was the beauty of the boy in the film. I had to look up his name! It was more a sense memory - that was such a powerful film.


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