10 April 2014

The 'Sheep' Workshop - one last look ...

Our last day with the sheep and lambs and children of J.L.E.D.  Note the very new-born lamb in the smallest photo and also how artistic the girl is in the last photo. Each of her fingernails is painted  to match the various colours of her shirt.


Notre dernier jour avec les brebis, les agneaux et les enfants de JLED. Notez l'agneau nouveau-né dans la plus petite photo et aussi l'attitude artistique de la jeune fille  sur ​​la dernière photo. Le vernis de chacun de ses ongles correspond aux différentes couleurs de sa chemise.


  1. Is that lamb's tail really half white?? Strange!

  2. The lamb looks so delicate!

  3. I enjoy the stories you tell with your photo series. More please.

  4. Thanks so much FotoMarg x

    Dina, I guess that white tail will be chopped off!

  5. Oi, OK ...
    Some countries leave long tails on sheep and some don't.
    In America we put an elastic band around the lambs' tails and in a few days the dead part would just fall off.


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