02 April 2014

Municipal Elections 2014 - the Aperitif

An aperitif, along with delicious food prepared by Patricia Mangoni, is on offer to the villagers following the inauguration of the town council.  Even Boutchette, the Bassett Hound from the Restaurant Beausejour has come along, hoping someone might drop a crumb or two!


Un apéritif, avec de délicieux plats préparés par Patricia Mangoni, est proposé aux villageois après l'installation du conseil municipal. Même Boutchette, le basset du restaurant Beauséjour est là, en espérant que quelqu'un ferait tomber une ou deux  miettes ! 


  1. The old stone of the buildings is quite beautiful. And the hound is just adorable!

  2. I think American elections end with an open bar for volunteers at campaign headquarters. The public is not invited.


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