01 April 2014

Municipal Elections 2014 - Laying the Wreath

Following the official inauguration of the new Municipal Council the Mayor and his team walk towards the War Memorial where the 2nd Deputy, Madame Arlette Pastor, lays the traditional wreath. And then everyone sings la Marseillaise.


Après l'installation officielle du nouveau conseil municipal, le maire et son équipe marchent vers le Monument aux Morts où la 2ème adjointe, Madame Arlette Pastor, pose la gerbe traditionnelle. Puis tout le monde chante la Marseillaise. 


  1. I have to confess that I don't know the words (well, not all of them) of the Marseillaise. Bad frenchman, me.

  2. That sounds like a fitting tradition to follow. The streets look old, and I love those cobblestones.

  3. The winners would never proceed hand in hand in this country and, as jingoistic as we can be, no politicians would wear sashes like this. The loyalties, the very idea, of national identity is so much more complicated in the US then Europe.

    La Marseillaise is, without doubt, the greatest national anthem in the history of everything. Allons enfants de la Patrie,
    Le jour de gloire est arrivé!


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