18 April 2014

Palm Sunday in Gorbio - the Olive Branch

This is Loïc holding an olive branch decorated with tiny eggs. He and the other children sat at the front of the church and were very much part of the Palm Sunday service.


Voici Loïc tenant une branche d'olivier décorée avec de minuscules oeufs. Lui et les autres enfants assis à l'avant de l'église formaient vraiment une grande partie de la cérémonie du dimanche des Rameaux.


  1. That's an unusual name, at least on this side of the Atlantic. Loic has quite an intense stare.

  2. This is a captivating shot, Jilly.

  3. That boy - his eyes, his hair, his skin, his hand pose - is too perfect to be true. Does he have a contract with a Paris fashion house yet?


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