17 April 2014

Palm Sunday in Gorbio - the Wine

The wine is poured into the silver chalice prior to the offertory.


Le vin est versé dans le calice d'argent avant l'offertoire.


  1. Terrific shot. I must admit, I'm surprised that you're allowed to photograph during the service.

  2. Not all churches allow photographs and this one is spectacular. Wonderful colors.

  3. You are both right. Normally I doubt photos would be allowed. I'm lucky in living in this wonderful village. Also the prior, who is such a kind man, is pleased I take photos as they are a record of village life. More than anything I love to photograph the traditions, the patrimone.

  4. I had the same reaction. I would never dare to photograph a religious service at such close range. You have great privileges in Gorbio.


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