24 April 2014

Serre de la Madone - Rings of Growth

The gardeners of the Serre de la Madone wouldn't cut down a tree for no good reason. Perhaps it is one that fell during the floods earlier this year? Look carefully and you can count the age of the tree in the growth rings.


Les jardiniers de la Serre de la Madone n'abattraient pas un arbre sans une raison valable. C'en est peut-être  un qui est tombé lors des inondations du début de cette année? Regardez attentivement et vous pourrez compter l'âge de l'arbre grâce à ses cernes de croissance (cercles).


  1. It looks like rather short sections, so they cut these up in portions for eventual removal. There'd be one in there, probably out of sight, with a torn section as opposed to clean cuts.

    They do make for an interesting pattern.

  2. Not with my eyes. But it would be interesting to hear an arborist talk about how the tree cross section reflects the climate over the years.


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