03 April 2014

Rebuilding the Route de Gorbio

The rebuilding of the road to Gorbio is coming along fast. It fell around 30 metres earlier this year when so much of this region suffered massive damage due to excess rain. The is the rock fall that has cut off the village from Menton. It's due to re-open by the end of April. You can see where pedestrians can pass behind the barrier.


La reconstruction de la route de Gorbio avance rapidement. Il y a quelques temps, elle s'était effondrée d' environ 30 mètres au moment où  cette région a subi d'énormes dégâts à cause de l'excès de pluie. La chute de rochers a coupé la liaison village - Menton. La réouverture de la route est prévue  d'ici la fin Avril. On peut voir le passage que peuvent emprunter les piétons, derrière la barrière. 


  1. We will look forward to, it will be finish.
    Went to Gorbio, on Saturday, for the Pizza evening. And enjoy you recommendation.
    No pizza Saturday, because of the road. We fell sorry for the landlord, that his businesses was injured.

  2. Wow, that is quite a project they have to do. Amazing.
    Your photos will be in the village history books someday.

  3. Hopefully this will never happen again.

  4. Amazing shots, and the work looks like it'll take longer than the end of the month.

    I like the rather ominous looking skies.

  5. I've been wondering about that. We drove the road but I didn't remember how stiff the cliffs were. It wouldn't happen that fast in this country, or most of it.


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