04 August 2010

Android in a Medieval Village

Wander through the medieval village of Gorbio and amazingly you come across this sign which, if you have an iPhone and the right App you simply take a photo of the 2D Tag (bar code) and you will then get a commentary relating to where you are in the village. I don't have an iPhone so can't try it but I imagine you get photos too or perhaps a video. These signs are throughout the village at all the main points of interest.

Isn't technology amazing! It's extraordinary to walk on ancient cobbles in narrow streets and come upon these signs. Old and new. Ancient and modern.


  1. State of the art! Wow!
    But hopefully there's some information without that, too.
    So Gorbio is expecting more tourists??

  2. cela se fait de plus en plus et je trouve que cela est tres bien

  3. You can get QRcode readers for most modern GSMs these days! It is neat though ;-)

  4. C'est incroyable! Je suis sûre que ça motive les touristes :-)

  5. Yes, it does seem odd to have such a contrast, but I had often wished to have known where I was and its history when walking.

  6. These tables will vanish again as fast as they appeared. More and more modern phones will get GPS and instead of pointing the cameraphone onto mysterious code on these tables you point them to the real thing and probably Google will tell you what it is. Could be a neat feature for Wikipedia, too.


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