12 August 2010

The Icons of Elvire Mercatini

There's a tiny and very pretty little chapel in Garavan - right next to the Napoleon hotel - and often it's used for art exhibitions.

The artist is Elvire Mercatini who lives in Menton and creates these beautiful icons. We'll meet her tomorrow. The work is incredibly detailed and she applies 40 coats of paint to create the effect she wants.

Do come back tomorrow and meet her and take a closer look at the chapel.


  1. I am not surprised it takes that many coats of paint to get the desired effect.

    Beautiful art work. so many talented people live in and around Menton it seems.


  2. How beautiful. I thought they were ancient pieces of art. Look forward to the post tomorrow.

  3. There aren't too many people today doing this work. These are real beauties.

  4. My goodness! These are amazing, totally amazing. I've always been partial to this sort of art. Thanks!

  5. What beautiful artwork. The top photo is amazing!


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