03 August 2010

Infographie and the Teacher

We are continuing our visit to the exhibition of students work from the Ecole Municipale des Arts Plastiques.

Meet Christelle Esperto who teaches infographie - computer graphics or art made on the computer. You can see some examples of her students' work on the walls. Notice Johnny Depp in the smaller photo?

I wouldn't have a clue how this work is done but I understand that no original photograph is involved.

In the smaller photo you can see the Mayor of Menton in the foreground. The lady with him is the Principal of the school which takes students as young as 6 and with no top age limit.


  1. beau portrait, une belle femme. j'aime bien la creation presentée

  2. Jilly

    The first photo of the teacher took me back for a moment -- my long hair and color looks very much like hers-

    Interesting last photo...


  3. Looks very interesting. It would be fun to know how they did it.

  4. Such an interesting field to be in.

  5. Very interesting. I have no idea how it's done, but it's amazing what these students have accomplished. Wonderful that there's a school that focuses on this.

  6. very interesting. i need to go learn more about the software of today


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