29 August 2010


This plant grows wild around here - it readily seeds in walls and gardens but you find it in Menton's famous gardens too - this was photographed at Serre de la Madone, so whilst it may be a weed, it's obviously appreciated by the professional gardeners there.

'Whether you tend a garden or not, you are the gardener of your own being,
the seed of your destiny.'

~ The Findhorn Community


  1. beautiful shade variationsn

  2. Lovely photograph -- tenacious spirit growing in between cracks

    Oh yes ~ The Findhorn Community-- a perfect quote, hopefully it was from the original community founders... where the nature spirit helped grown and protect the plants, some to a very large size.

    I love the dandelion , they are also a good spring tonic and makes a nice strong tea, & young new leaves are good in a salad.


  3. Pale and pretty! Growing between the cracks like this reminds me of a recent post of mine.

  4. this is so beautiful, Jilly. Like a bouquet of memories.

  5. hopefully this wild grass plant can be utilized

  6. It looks like an ordinary dandelion somewhat refined in the Mention locale.


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