31 August 2010

Saint Michel

A plaque depicting Saint Michel on a wall of one of the buildings that make up the beautiful facade of the Old Town. And of course the Basilica, which stands behind these houses is named for Saint Michel.

You often spot plaques depicting Saint Michel as you walk up the narrow streets to the cemetery.


  1. Jilly, I love this one! The orange building with green shutters is where we lived in Menton, only our apartment faced the Rue Longue on the other side, the "triste" side according to my neighbor who boasted of her "vue de mer". Our tiny, one-window apartment was under that addition on the roof. From the other side of the building that was the 3rd floor, although we would call it the 4th floor in America (no rue de chausee here). Whatever, it was about 7 flights of stairs from the beach and we climbed it at least once everyday - and loved it!

  2. Karen how fabulous. Sounds like you loved it and got lots of exercise at the same time!


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