20 August 2010

For the Love of Flamenco!

It's mid-afternoon on the third and final day of the Flamenco Festival in Gorbio. This young dancer is doing her thing just for the joy of it. The musicians are playing, the singers are singing, ostensibly for the sound check but actually all of them are dancing, playing, singing because they LOVE it!

Stupidly I didn't go up on the Friday evening and Saturday was rained off. So on Sunday evening there wasn't a seat to be had so the best I can offer you is this video shown on French television - TF1. It lasts just over 2 minutes minutes but you'll see real flamenco and some lovely shots of the medieval village of Gorbio. Enjoy! Do click on the link below. I won't be missing it next year!

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  1. Jilly


    Still would love to learn this dance,

    enjoy the week end,


  2. The real flamenco, at the the right spots (Sevilla, Jerez... Gorbio) is fantastic! I wish I had been there!

  3. Peter, Gorbio has become a prestige venue for the gitane flamenco - this year was the festival's 6th year. Why not come and enjoy next year?!

  4. That looks like SO much fun! Do they have classes for slightly overweight old ladies?? I would take a class in a heartbeat!

  5. Thank you for sharing that video. I especially enjoyed watching the woman dancing in Gorbio village. Such wonderful energy!

  6. That's how I look when my feet hurt after a long day of walking in Paris! HA

  7. Vrai flamenco! Très joli!
    Wish I was there...
    Thanks for sharing!
    Barbara from Germany

  8. Phew! There is certainly nothing quite like flamenco.

  9. Thank you, Jilly! I occasionally post on flamenco (dance & music) & this was a real treat. also, I'm pleased to say that I understood every word on the clip. So, my French has not slipped too terribly.



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