28 August 2010

Waiting for Autumn

A corner of Place aux Herbes, one of my favourite squares in Menton. The leaves on the plane trees cast their shadows as they almost hide the 'tabac' sign - but they are beginning to dry - to curl up. Soon autumn will be here.


  1. It has been dry like a bone in the desert here too Jilly. My oak tree leaves look like they are premature in their decline. Patty has to water the plants in the landscape job out from to keep from losing that monumental investment. So it has already been the driest and hottest summer on record here and that makes me wonder how winter might be.

    The contrasts in textures and light and shade are interesting to look it.

    I really am enjoying this new iMac and am learning more about what I have missed all these PC years.

  2. Oh well it wil be along time till autumn comes to Birmingham Jilly. This is a lovely photo. I especially like the shadows. Very well shot mon amie.

  3. What a delightful composition, calm, yet the eye wanders, nice.


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