30 August 2010


As the sun floods through a window of the church in the medieval village of Gorbio, it perfectly illuminates the sculpture. Church designers and those who placed the sculptures hundreds of years ago knew what they were doing.


  1. Love how the light surrounds the sculpture. It makes it look warm and vibrant.

    As usual, beautiful picture.

  2. Saw the photo and was just about to comment what you said, about those years ago who knew what they were doing. Glad you caught this for us.

  3. Apparently they did! It's beautiful.

  4. A perfect spot to place the statue and a great photograph Jilly.

  5. great catch of the light !
    Had to go and see that.. we´re coming to Menton on 11th of September:)

  6. Jilly, great that they thought about the light but even better that you captured this photo! I like the shadows on the left also which look like leaves or perhaps a chandelier?

    Love the soft lighing and colors!

  7. Finally, time to write some comments during our holiday. You hit the lighting perfectly here. Statues of St. Joseph don't vary much. This poor guy got some bad breaks. Wife stays a virgin, you have to raise the son of God and still earn a living for the family. We're in Northern Ireland, where such images can take on other layers of meaning.

  8. Oh this is so appealing to me but you know that by now. I love the beutiful features of the churches in France and with this special light....oh well done.

  9. Jil and Katarina, enjoy your visit!

    Genie, yes the shadows are from a chandelier.

    Bob, you crack me up! Meanwhile enjoy Northern Ireland.

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Gorbio's church is simple but so beautiful but perhaps I'm biased!

  10. You've taken lots of photos to share with us, photos that I've deemed perfect. You've topped yourself with this one. I love the fact that the sculpture has been there for so long and still has such an impact. Thank you, Jilly.

  11. Jilly, this is gorgeous !

    If "Church designers and those who placed the sculptures hundreds of years ago knew what they were doing", you certainly knew what YOU were doing when you took this photo.

    Catching light is the essence of photography. Your masterpiece is there to prove it.


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