31 July 2011

Africa in Gorbio - Energy!

The music and dance group from Burkina Faso were amazing. On Tuesday (tomorrow is Theme Day so a change of subject), we'll meet the musician, Harouna Dembélé, who founded the group. There are great dancers for you to meet, the musical instruments are fascinating, the atmosphere incredible.

This guy really went to town, as you can see. I'm not sure who had the most fun - him or us.


Le groupe de musique et de danse du Burkina Faso était extraordinaire. Mardi (demain étant la Journée thématique ainsi on change de sujet), nous rencontrerons le musicien, Harouna Dembélé qui a fondé le groupe. Nous verrons de grands danseurs, des instruments de musique fascinants dans une atmosphère incroyable.

Cet homme a vraiment une énergie formidable comme vous pouvez le voir. Je ne suis pas sûre de savoir qui était le plus amusant - lui ou nous.


  1. Fabulous portrait shot the first picture Jilly, gotta love those dreadlocks!!

  2. Reminds me of Marley! The action and colours in the small photo are terrific.

  3. that first image has such a tactile quality. wonderful.

  4. Ya, fabulous action portrait.

  5. fabuloso!
    um abraço!

  6. And the photo is just bursting with it. The strong color and high contrast make it pop.

  7. I like an occasional dose of world music. It is a way of traveling in place.


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