08 July 2011

Early Birds: the Snorkeler

In July, if you don't get out and shop early you'll not find a place to park your car and the market will be packed. Soon the beaches will fill up with the Juilletists (those who take their holidays in July). In any case, early morning in Menton is a beautiful time - so, get up early, grab a coffee and let's go...

7.45h - a snorkeler is enjoying the still waters in the Bay of Garavan with the Old Town reflected in the sea.


En Juillet, si vous ne sortez pas de bonne heure pour faire vos commissions vous ne trouverez pas facilement une place pour garer votre voiture et le marché sera plein de monde. Très tôt, les plages se remplissent avec l'arrivée des 'Juilletistes' (ceux qui prennent leurs vacances en Juillet). En tout cas, les premières heures de la matinée sont un agréable moment à Menton - pour cette raison, levez-vous tôt, prenez un café et partons ensemble....

7.45h et nous voyons un plongeur avec un tuba admirant la mer calme de la baie de Garavan. Vous pouvez voir le reflet de la vieille ville dans le mer.


  1. That's a good way to work up an apetite for breakfast Jilly!

  2. With that first photo I wondered what was floating in the water... Oh my! You have marbeled the waters with the palette of Menton. Exquisite!


  3. Splendid photography & wise words,

    enjoy your week end

  4. I'm one of those early birds, so I agree so much with you! the first pic is impressive, it's like a strange beast from the depth..

  5. texture, shape, and color in these...perfection! and each such a different and fine composition.

  6. That first shot is entrancing, Jilly.


  7. I love the first picture. What perfect word, "juilletist"!

  8. Fabulous - wish I was there!

  9. Jilly,
    THe top photo is just amazing. The reflections are gorgeous. You continue to prove what a wonderful photographer you are.

  10. Extraordinary, that first photo! I thought that was floating algae at first--and then to find it was such amazing reflection--wow.


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