24 July 2011

Tango in Menton - the Dancer

This is the lady dancing with the older man in yesterday's photo at Place du Cap. She's a lady of a certain age but look at how beautifully she dances and the joy she takes in watching others dance tango.

And notice the way the man in the main photo is looking at her.

Ladies, we are never too old...


C'est la danseuse avec le vieil homme de la photo d'hier à la Place du Cap. C' est une dame d'un certain âge, mais regardez comme elle danse magnifiquement et le plaisir qu'elle prend à regarder le tango dansé par d'autres danseurs.

Et remarquez aussi la manière dont l'homme de la photo principale la contemple.

Mesdames, nous ne sommes jamais trop âgées ...


  1. She is "a woman of a certain age," but he is "an older man?" Hate to tell you, Jilly, but they are probably the same age. She looks great (and I will refrain from saying "for her age"), but there is nothing wrong with the guy, either.

  2. Ha! you are right Jack. But then we don't say 'a man of a certain age' do we? It's a man's world, perhaps? Not that I think so....

  3. Karen USA24 July, 2011

    Bravo, Jilly! We ladies of a certain age have a lot of dancing left in us. This lady is lucky to have found such a partner of a certain age.

  4. Love her look! And those great shoes.

  5. On my desk I have a little reminder that seems appropriate: Life may not be the party we hoped for. But while we're here we should dance.

  6. Tango knows no age. As long as passion and rhythm live in a person, this vital dance goes on. You've got me thinking of the ancient bandoneonistas of Buenos Aires.


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