18 July 2011

Bastille Day: the Glow Sticks

It's getting dark and a child has difficulty in deciding which glow stick she should buy. Other children play on the climbing frame whilst their parents sip aperitifs.


Il commence à faire sombre et un enfant hésite à choisir quel bâton lumineux il va acheter. D'autres enfants jouent sur une structure de jeux tandis que leurs parents sirotent leurs apéritifs.


  1. j'adore ça, et puis la classe le rose sur la tete. Pour faire des photos c'est super, c'est souvent la seule lumiere que l'on a. Belles photos, parceque c'est pas facile a rendre

  2. oh, jilly, you've really captured that moment of transition from day to night. what a gorgeous color of sky and lightfall.

  3. The top photo is a really good image. I sure hope we don't learn 20 years from now that these light sticks are giving our kids dreadful diseases. When I was a kid, it was popular to have watches with the numerals highlighted with radium paint so they would glow in the dark. Oops. Not a good idea . . .


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