07 July 2011


Agapanthus seems to grow like weeds here. Stick a bulb in the ground and the following year you'll have two and a year later four. They originate in South Africa which has a similar climate to the south of France.

Sometimes they do well they can't hold up their heavy beautiful heads and take a nap on the ground.

You can see white Agapanthus (for the Princely wedding) in Monaco HERE.


L'Agapanthus semble croître comme des mauvaises herbes dans la région. Mettez un bulbe en terre et l'année suivante vous en aurez deux , un an plus tard quatre. L'agapanthe est originaire d'Afrique du Sud où le climat est similaire à celui du sud de la France.

Parfois, ils poussent si bien qu'ils donnent de belles têtes tellement lourdes qu'elles ne peuvent se tenir dressées et font donc une sieste dans le jardin.


  1. I love them, they're so hardy and as you say, they just keep multiplying, the blue colour is gorgeous too.

  2. Is it because you got the aperture right that you got a nice clean dark background? I remember Stuart mentioning that. Anyway, a gorgeous set of photos that for me scream 'Jilly's garden'.

    Just beautiful

  3. Nathalie, ha! you recognised my garden. There must be over 50 blooms this year. As I said, they grow like weeds.

    That first photo was taken on the P setting. ie the camera chose everything - virtually the same as Automatic. The aperture it chose was f5.0. I think the important part was that I chose Spot Focusing.

  4. in that case they should be put straight to bed (-:

  5. This is the plant that started growing in one of my flower pots last year! It is so beautiful and not so common here. The leaves came up this year but I didn't get any blooms. I think that really, really hot spell we had in late May did it in.

  6. Ours are in full bloom right now and I love this summer bulb. Even the foliage is a great dark green for the garden after the blooms are gone.

    Thanks for the photo details on that great shot!


  7. See them everywhere here, but I didn't what they're called. Now I do. Thanks!

  8. I love the way you describe the heavy heads needing a nap.

  9. Anonymous08 July, 2011

    Classy photo, Jilly!

  10. Oh I love this flower and actually love just the way it feels on my tongue when I say it. Perfect photos. I use P a lot especially when I need to shoot fast!

  11. You must have a wonderful garden if these are examples.

  12. These are used extensively in landscaping in Southern California (a climate much like your own, I think). We has some in our garden in Berkeley, and they did okay, but didn't flourish as well as their more southern cousins. I agree with Nathalie. Your camera skills are super.


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