16 July 2011

Early Birds: Waiting for the Children

This shaded area at the end of the Sablettes beach is used for children. Child care organisations can bring young children to the beach for a few hours where they are confined and safe and with protection from the sun.


Cette zone ombragée au bout de la plage des Sablettes est réservée aux enfants. Les organismes qui s'occupent d'eux pendant les vacances peuvent les conduire là pour quelques heures .Ils seront à la plage en lieu sûr, bien encadrés et protégés du soleil.


  1. This is such a nice idea!

  2. So good to know that these organizations really care about the well-bring of their charges.

  3. I'm imagining how it will look in a few hours with dozens of beautiful children racing and digging and splashing and laughing.

  4. . . .and throwing sand and squealing . . .


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