23 July 2011

Tango in Menton - the Conversation

What do you suppose the two women are saying?


D'après vous, que se disent ces deux femmes?


  1. We can only guess Jilly, hopefully it's something nice haha!

  2. Could be any number of things. Probably wish that they had someone with whom they could dance or wishing that they were just a wee bit thinner like the dancer, as they used to look or criticizing the technique.

  3. -"how many time do you think they trained before to dance ?"
    -"Don't know. But it was not enough.."

    or any other thing! :o)

  4. a really wonderful shot, by the way.

  5. Perhaps the dialogue is, "Do you think I should buy a Panama hat and some dapper tropical clothes for my husband?"

    "And then what? Tango lessons?"

    "I would need steel-toed high heels to try the tango with my husband."

  6. Hahaha les commères!
    Elles doivent se dire que la fille est trop jeune pour lui.

    Wonderful captured photo!

  7. The "audience" appears to disapprove. Whether it's that the dancing lady has a man for the moment or maybe, perhaps, the man belongs to one of the onlookers? Another WONDERFUL photo, Jilly.

    Ken B.

  8. "That hussy!"

    Love the photo.

  9. I think they are envious.........very envious.

  10. Anonymous25 July, 2011

    I would like to think that they are saying they wish they could dance like her. Or they are admiring his beautiful shoes.
    These photos are wonderful. Love the rust colour silk shoes.


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