19 July 2011

Bastille Day: the Moon and Fireworks

...and so the night comes to an end. Lots of laughter, good times with good friends and of course fireworks over the sea...and a double image full moon!

One child stares in wonder, another practices the flamenco.


... et ainsi la soirée touche à sa fin. Beaucoup de rires, de bons moments passés avec de bons amis et bien sûr des feux d'artifice sur la mer.

Emerveillée une fillette regarde, une autre danse le flamenco.


  1. Anonymous19 July, 2011

    Nice one. Hard to arrange, Jilly, but you've done it!

  2. Spectacular fireworks Jilly, love the expressions on faces!!

  3. The twinkle in the eye of the delicate light of the girl in your third photo has more spark than the explosion of fireworks in your top photo.

  4. Yes, I originally had that photo first, Dave. Thanks.

  5. oh, jilly, the look you've caught on that child's face, the light in her eyes...priceless!

  6. OH leave it to you to knock our socks off with these. The fireworks were caught beautifully but that precious child's face........oh my.


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