17 July 2011

Bastille Day: Dinner on the Beach

It's Bastille Day so let's celebrate with dinner on the beach. We're at La Pergola where guitarists and a flamenco dancer entertain us. There's little choice on the menu - too many people - so we are offered either Carpaccio of scallops or Parma ham and melon as a first course with the main course being Paella.

The show of hands at the neighbouring table helps the waiter count who wants what to start.

Note the almost full moon. The next night, the 15th, it was full. More tomorrow...


C'est le 14 Juillet , anniversaire de la Prise de la Bastille, nous le fêtons en dînant sur la plage. Nous sommes à la Pergola, où des guitaristes et une danseuse de flamenco sont là pour nous divertir. A cause du grand nombre de clients, il y a peu de choix au menu qui nous propose soit un Carpaccio de Saint Jaques soit du melon au jambon de Parme en entrée et ensuite de la paella.

Les mains levées à la table voisine permettent au serveur de compter qui veut quoi pour commencer.

Notez la lune presque pleine. La nuit suivante, le 15, elle était pleine. La suite, demain ...


  1. Obviously everyone is having a great time. Paella to celebrate a French holiday is an interesting selection! The dancer is gorgeous, but I'm beginning to assume that only gorgeous people live in or visit Menton!!

  2. What a fun evening and we got to see it with you. I"ll have the scallops! :)

  3. Flamenco dancing and paella for Bastille Day in France? That would be like Americans bringing sushi to an Independence Day picnic instead of hot dogs.

  4. Looks like a fab night! I'll take the scallops too.

  5. these are so wonderful. you put us there on the beach. i can smell the night air. i, too, will have the scallops. but may i taste the ham and melon, please?

  6. I was in La Croix Valmer on that night and we watched the fireworks in Cavalaire from the balcony of our house overlooking the sea - what a gorgeous evening it was! But we had a fair bit of mistral on that day. It appears you were out of its reach - lucky you!


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