10 May 2012

Bar/Restaurant Les Terrasses - Old and New

This is a photo displayed in the Restaurant/Bar Les Terrasses in Gorbio showing the building as it once was - when it was known as Restaurant
de la Renaissance.

The second photo shows the restaurant as it is today - newly painted and ready for the next stage in its long history.


Voici une photo affichée dans le Bar / Restaurant Les Terrasses à Gorbio montrant le bâtiment tel qu'il était autrefois, et qu' il s'appelait alors le Restaurant de la Renaissance.

La deuxième photo montre le restaurant tel qu'il est aujourd'hui -
fraîchement repeint et prêt pour la prochaine étape de sa longue histoire.


  1. not only did the entire village attend this opening, it seems you've created a global event. thank you for extending the invitation across continents and oceans. best wishes to the new owners.

  2. They did a good job renovating the restaurant.
    (I am not ignoring your blog, I just don't have time to leave comments, but I am still around, enjoying my favorite blogs).

  3. Thank for sharing this interesting post.

  4. How interesting to see the old and new restaurant. Is that the elm tree planted in 1713 in the old photo? Great series you've done for the opening.

  5. I love seeing the old and new.

  6. Anonymous12 May, 2012

    I'm utterly charmed.


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