17 May 2012

Sainte Agnes - in Cloud

This viewing area is the best place in Sainte Agnes to see the stunning views over the Mediterranean but not on the day I took this photo. As you see, we are deep in cloud.


Cette table d'orientation est le meilleur endroit à Sainte Agnès pour avoir une vue imprenable sur la Méditerranée, mais ce n'était pas le cas  le jour où j'ai pris cette photo. Comme vous le voyez, il y a une épaisse brume.


  1. Win some, lose some. Same thing happened to me in Eze Village, last summer. Fortunately, the skies cleared in the afternoon! Phew. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. The location of this spot promises a great view, but mother nature is in charge.

  3. That's what we would've gotten had we gone up there the day I visited. Too bad. Very cloudy and rainy here since Sunday too, and no sign of betterment. Sigh !


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