01 May 2012

Happy Hour in Menton

It's Happy Hour at the Place du Cap.  You can see how it's warmed up here - shorts at 6 p.m.   I wonder if she had a Happy Hour drink here?

(Apologies, I mistakenly thought today's CDP Theme was 'chimneys' and only realised my error today and have no pics of boulangeries). 


 C'est le  Happy Hour sur la Place du Cap. Vous pouvez constater comme il fait doux ici - les shorts à 18 heures.  Je me demande si elle a pris une boisson Happy Hour ici?


  1. Nice! I've got my sandals out 2 weeks ago.

  2. Anonymous01 May, 2012

    Nice scene! No, I don't think she sat down.. ;-)
    I would like the tapas plate...
    What's the name of the restaurant?
    Barbara from Germany

  3. Oh well I'm sure there was some type of bakery item on the menu at Place du Cap!
    Have a merry month of may in Menton Jilly.

  4. no pies or boulangeries in your archives? is that possible?

  5. Brattcat, I did find a perfectly suitable pic half way thru yesterday but it seemed too late. It was so strange because I'd only checked the subject a few hours earlier and then realised the problem was that the Forum site hadn't updated since I'd last looked.


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