19 May 2012


What would we women do without our women friends?


Qu'est-ce que nous, les femmes,  ferions sans nos amies femmes?


  1. Great candid shot - I love the B&W.

  2. I heard author interviewed on TV recently say that women view talking with their friends as a perfect way to spend time, whereas men regarding doing an activity with friends as the most fun. I think there is truth to that.

    They also said that the most dreaded words a husband can hear from his wife is: "I want to talk about something . . . " I have no comment about that.

  3. Oh I'm with you this one Jilly! I like your group here, it looks like they have a very heavy discussion going on here!

  4. Oh Jilly you know how I feel about female friendships. Indispensable. Invaluable.

    Interesting comment from Dave though. There's so much men and women need to learn about each other and adjust to.

  5. friendship is the zest that brings the taste of life its depth of flavor. i'm so grateful for your friendship, dear jilly, and for the many friends who have found each other through cdp.


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