08 May 2012

Restaurant/Bar Les Terrasses - Farcies et Ganses

Here are two examples of the many good things you'll be able to eat at Restaurant Les Terrasses. The first is a plate of small vegetables - onions, courgettes, aubergines, stuffed with meat,  herbs and breadcrumbs.

The second photo shows what is known in this region as 'ganses' (shaped like a butterfly knot in a tie) but they are also called 'merveilles' (wonders) or 'bugnes' in Lyon. They are made of flour, eggs, butter, a little milk made into a soft ball which is then cut, shaped into a butterfly knot, deep fried and then powdered with sugar. Yummy!

Restaurant Les Terrasses will be serving lunches from the 1st June onwards - every day, all year, and will serve food during the evenings from the 15th June to the 15th September.


Voici deux exemples des nombreuses bonnes choses que vous serez en mesure de déguster au Restaurant Les Terrasses. La première est une assiette de petits farcis - oignons, courgettes, aubergines farcis avec de la viande, des herbes et de la chapelure.

La deuxième photo présente ce qui est connu dans cette région comme des " ganses ", mais qu'on appelle aussi des "merveilles "ou des " bugnes" ' à Lyon. Elles sont faites avec de la farine, des oeufs, du beurre, un peu de lait dont on fait une boule de pâte souple que l'on étale, découpe, plie en forme de ganse, que l'on plonge dans la friture, et qu'on saupoudre enfin avec du sucre. Délicieux!

Restaurant Les Terrasses serviront des dejeuners à partir du 1er juin - tous les jours, toute l'année, et serviront aussi du repas dans le soir du 15e Juin au 15e Septembre.


  1. The first plate looks very much like my wife's favourite Italian dish of Ripieni. They are mouth wateringly scrumptious.

  2. Graeme, yes ripiene means stuffed or filled with something in Italian - so same thing. Delicious!

  3. The top dish has my mouth watering. Looks delicious and maybe I'll have a little pastry with my morning coffee! :)

  4. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    Hmmm!! I must go there for lunch one day and try both dishes!
    Barbara from Germany

  5. This place is at the top of my agenda.

  6. Looks yummy! I'm getting to like eggplant more and more.

  7. Everything looks so tasty! The second photo of food, the Ganses, looks like Norwegian Buckle cookies. deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.


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