12 May 2012

Blue Note

We're in the pedestrian street of Menton today.  Don't you just love these guys - happy, smiling in a melody of blues.  Just what we need in a world full of so many problems.


Aujourd'hui, nous sommes dans la rue piétonne de Menton. Ne trouvez-vous  pas tout simplement aimables ces gars - heureux, souriant dans une mélodie de bleus. Tout ce dont nous avons besoin dans un monde occupé par tant de problèmes.


  1. Anonymous12 May, 2012

    I really like this photo. Neat that the draping effect from the cloth contrasts with the diagonal lines on the pavement. Fun character study with this stage of blue drapey fabric. Well done. @extradiagetic

  2. He must have anticipated that you would want a casual portrait, and for that reason he left the collar on his shirt unbuttoned. A buttoned-down collar would not have the same relaxed mood.

  3. Wonderful portrait Jilly.


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