20 May 2012

A Half-Century of Roasting Coffee

A forgotten coffee cup outside the Restaurant Beausejour in Gorbio.

Une tasse de café oubliée à l'extérieur du Restaurant Beauséjour à Gorbio.


  1. Coffee in the sun... Always good.

  2. A wonderful photo Jilly. So inviting.

  3. what a touching little still-life you've composed here.

  4. I love my coffee...!!!

  5. Whoa, what an amazing trip through coffee roasting history! I had no idea how much work went into bringing out the complex nuances of coffee. The old photographs are a lovely addition, transporting us back to a different period of coffee culture. Speaking of classic components, I couldn't help but imagine how important a decent coffee grinder must have been to this story. Freshly ground coffee beans must have had an unparalleled scent and flavor. It was a very interesting article that made me want to learn more about the ideal coffee grinder for my own brewing endeavors!


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