16 May 2012

Sainte Agnes - Track through the Rock

If you want to get to the other side and there's a mountain in the way, then you cut through it ... this track leads off a main road below the village of Sainte Agnes. Sainte Agnes, just above Menton, is the highest village in Europe with a view of the sea. It stands at an altitude of 800 metres and yet is only 3 kilometres inland.


 Si vous souhaitez passer de l'autre côté et qu'il a une montagne sur le chemin, et bien vous la traversez ... cette piste mène sur la route principale en dessous du village de Sainte Agnès. Sainte Agnès,  juste au-dessus de Menton, est le plus haut village d'Europe avec une vue sur la mer. Il se situe à une altitude de 800 mètres et pourtant il se trouve à seulement 3 kilomètres de la mer.


  1. We'll have to go to Sainte Agnes next time I come. Let's put that on the agenda - in the not too distant future I hope!

  2. Karen USA16 May, 2012

    I love Sainte Agnes. I was so surprised to see the old gun emplacements from the Maginot Line - right above Menton! We have enjoyed dinner there at the Auberge Yves (?) overlooking the valley, but the artists' ateliers are usually closed at night, so a day time visit is a good idea too.

  3. People are creative in removing obstacles, aren't they?

  4. Anonymous16 May, 2012

    I love walking up from Menton to Sainte-Agnès and sometimes on to Gorbio.

    What a completely great walk-through picture (can't have been easy that shot).

    Per Karen USA, and to be overly picky, [and I cite Wikipedia here] 'the fortifications are the Maginot Line's Alpine extension, the Alpine Line, also called the Little Maginot Line. The fortification was built between 1932 and 1938. The site is at the south edge of the hill town of Sainte-Agnès, Alpes-Maritimes at an elevation of 780 metres overlooking the Mediterranean Sea' Great walk-through photo this one. BTW: I'm in France! l'Ile de Ré, so I'm looking at 'The Atlantic Wall' fortifications built by the Germans, visiting the Commonwealth War graves and reading all about the horror of the sinking of RMS Lancastria.

    Great shot as always J


  5. I love this! I would have been tempted to remove the red sign in post processing. Did you think about it?

  6. Cathy, I did think about it but then decided I liked it as a focal point. Anyway don't think I'd be very good at removing a bit of a photo. Something I must learn sometime of course.


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