31 May 2012

Wedding Day - the Wedding Breakfast

After the wedding ceremony the guests will be offered aperitifs in the village square, prepared and served by the Restaurant Beausejour team. Later, dinner will be served in the restaurant. Doesn't it all look so inviting?


Après la cérémonie de mariage, un apéritif sera offert aux invités sur la place du village, préparé et servi par l'équipe du  Restaurant Beauséjour. Plus tard, le repas de noces sera servi dans le restaurant. Est-ce que tout cela ne semble pas attrayant?


  1. It certainly looks inviting ... especially as I have had the pleasure to "test" the restaurant - in good company! :-)

  2. Why is the title "the wedding breakfast" ?

    Love the decoration. They really know how to do it right at the Beauséjour, don't they?

  3. oh, yes, yes. every detail of it.

  4. This is making me twitch. My daughter is getting married in three months . . .

  5. The arrangement for the wedding breakfast looks so beautiful - like a photo shoot from Vogue.

  6. Looks like a lovely wedding!


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