27 July 2012

Eating 'en famille'

Two families eat together at Place du Cap - the parents at one end of the table, the kids at the other. Lots of interaction and conversation which is how it should be. And for this young girl, quite a mouthful to eat.


Deux familles mangent ensemble à la Place du Cap - les parents à une extrémité de la table, les enfants à l'autre. Beaucoup d'échanges et de 
conversation comme il se doit. Et pour cette jeune fille ,plutôt  une grosse bouchée à avaler. 


  1. That seems a very hungry family there

    I love the warm atmosphere from the image

  2. Great shots of the family - such a European meal!
    That sandwich looks good :)

  3. were you hanging out a window to take these?

  4. Jilly, is it kebab meat they are eating? I have never actually seen anyone eating a meal at those tables! Does the food come from the little frites place just up the slope (about opposite where you took these interesting shots, judging by the angle)?

  5. Brattcat, I was on the leval above Place du Cap - I was standing directly over a fountain that is on a corner by the road that goes up to the Old Town. In other words I walked up the slope to the entrance to the Old Town (we did that) and just before the entrance, I turned right onto an area that leads to one restaurant and has seating under pergolas for anyone who wants to use it. There's an olive tree there too. Sure this is as clear as mud!

    And Fiona, yes those tables are part of the frites place, kebabs etc. Just by the fountain I described above.

  6. Anonymous27 July, 2012

    Ah! All my questions are already answered! Really an alternative to the millions of pasta places..
    Will go there for sure! Must be the "frites"-place with the painting at the door "Sur place - à emporter"!!
    Have a nice weekend! Barbara from Germany


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