11 July 2012

Miss Rose by Perrine

Life for Perrine Guyonnet is one surrounded by flowers. From her atelier in Menton, she creates stunning floral arrangements that can be found in some of the luxury hotels in the region, for instance the Hotel Metropole in Monaco and the Château de la Chèvre d'Or in Eze village. Of course she does weddings - beautiful displays and bouquets that are imaginative and different.

Perrine and her team also created the flowers for the Princely wedding in Monaco last year, and the beautiful bouquet for Princess Charlene.

Here she is making hats of flowers. Don't you just love them? Normally, of course, these would be created directly onto a hat base - but for the photos Perrine made them on a flat base - just in case you wonder how they stay on your head. Each is made to measure and takes into account the occasion, the outfit and the hairstyle.

Click on Perrine's website Miss Rose by Perrine for more information.


La vie de Perrine Guyonnet est entourée de fleurs. Dans son atelier de Menton, elle crée de superbes arrangements floraux qui peuvent être trouvés dans certains des hôtels de luxe de la région, par exemple l'Hôtel Métropole à Monaco ou le Château de la Chèvre d'Or à Eze-village. Bien sûr, elle s'occupe des mariages - de belles présentations et des bouquets pleins d'imagination et de variété. 

Perrine et son équipe ont également fourni les fleurs pour le mariage princier de Monaco l'année dernière, et crée le beau bouquet de princesse Charlène.

Ici, elle compose des chapeaux de fleurs. Ne les trouvez vous pas tout simplement magnifiques?  Normalement bien sûr, ils devraient être créés directement sur une base chapeau - mais pour ces photos, Perrine les fait sur une base plate - juste au cas où vous vous demanderiez comment ils tiennent sur votre tête. Chacun est fait sur mesures et tient compte de l'évènement, du costume et de la coiffure.

Cliquez sur le site web de Miss Rose by Perrine pour plus d'informations. 


  1. Great photo essay. The first shot of her is really splendid -a fun shot!
    I think that photo had to be in color!

  2. Great posting!
    Love your photos!

    Happy summer, Jilly.

    Greetings from Steve too.


  3. what a gift she has, perfectly matched with the gift you have. that final shot is sooooo delightful.

  4. Beautiful hats and photos. Your portrait of her is marvelous, you captured her sense of joy and fun with her creations. A woman wearing one of her hats wouldn't have to worry about anyone else wearing the same hat. Her website is fun too, better than expected.

  5. I first thought it was a cake on her head on the first photo. Silly me.

  6. If Carolyn came home looking like that I'd double check the contents of my medicine cabinet. Who was ingesting what?

  7. Your first portrait caught her personality perfectly. I thought she was wearing a dessert on her head.

  8. How fun!!! That top photo is perfect!!!

  9. What a smile, what a portrait!

    PS - I think that this particular hat looks like a cake - raspberry and blueberry macaron style.

  10. It's a substantially more reasonable than it might appear to be, be that as it may, despite everything you'll need to permit an adequate mastermind the most delightful blooms and finest administration. condolence flowers


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