30 July 2012

Le Week-End Africain - Cooking the Rice

The African Weekend recently took place in the medieval village of Gorbio.  Last year, the music was from Burkina Faso.  This year it featured the music and the food of Senegal. These ladies are cooking a massive container of rice. Later, towards the end of the evening, some of these ladies got up on stage and danced for us - and they were great!


Le Week-End Africain a eu lieu récemment au village médiéval de Gorbio. L'année dernière, c'était de la musique du Burkina Faso. Cette année, les rythmes de la Guinée étaient à l'honneur. Dans une marmite géante, ces dames ont fait cuire du riz, prêt pour le repas sénégalais qui va nous être servi. Plus tard, vers la fin de la soirée, certaines de ces dames sont montées sur la scène et ont  dansé  pour nous - et elles étaient formidables!


  1. glad do discover via carla's blog !

  2. For a second, I thought she was casting a spell lol

  3. excellent work here, jilly.

  4. These women are so so gorgeous Jilly I can only imagine them up and dancing feeling the rhythm from my desk :)
    So glad you liked my link as my French blog this week here http://carlacoulson.com/lovely-links-and-summer-in-paris/
    Keep up the fabulous work
    Carla x

  5. Beautiful, Jilly. Cropping the first image closely was the right choice to my eyes. Love the steam partially obscuring her.

  6. I love that first shot!


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