04 July 2012

Rules and Regulations

One of the things I love about the French is that they make all these rules and then ignore them.  The sign says 'Acces Forbidden on the Rocks' so naturally people fish and naturally no one takes any notice.


Une des choses que j'aime chez les Français, c'est qu'ils décrètent beaucoup de règles mais ils les ignorent. En voici la preuve.  L'accès est interdit sur les rochers mais naturellement les gens pêchent et naturellement personne ne se soucie du panneau.


  1. A little too rocky there :)

  2. Haha! I had done almost the same pic in winter ! It's taking part of french charm ! :o)

  3. But what are the authorities going to do if you break the rules? LOL

  4. This prevent people to sue the city if you fall and hurt yourself.


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