06 July 2012

High Summer in Menton

Summer comes in all shapes and sizes but it only comes with one temperature - hot and humid.


L'été arrive dans toutes les formes et toutes les tailles, mais il ne vient qu' avec une seule température - chaude et humide.


  1. Looks hot there, Jilly, I hope that the water is cool!

  2. Well, I don't know. I'm in Gorbio and will have the airconditioner on later! Sure it must be cool tho or at least cooler than not in it!

  3. Jilly, you town is truly beautiful. I have been to Monte Carlo but I think Menton is so pretty. Love the photo!

  4. so much to see in this image. how magical the town looks in this light.

  5. It can't be any hotter that here, but sadly the Mississippi is not as attractive a bathing venue.

    It's nice to look at these pictures and think "I know exactly where that is!"


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