09 July 2012

Expo 'Artists of the Village' - the Art

Three very different pieces of art by exhibitors at the exhibition, 'Artists of the Village' in Gorbio.

Rengaine ton Chevet (The Bedside Table plays the Same Old Song) by Frederic Simon, a delicate watercolour of one of Gorbio's narrow streets by Marcelle Vial and The Dancers by Solange Gazzo.


Trois oeuvres d'art très différentes des  participants à l'expo 'Les Artistes du Village' à Gorbio.

"Rengaine ton Chevet" de Frédéric Simon,  la délicate aquarelle "Ruelle de Gorbio" de  Marcelle Vial et
"Les danseurs" de Solange Gazzo.


  1. I like the watercolor!
    The bedside table is humorous, but I'll take the watercolor.

  2. There it is ! There it is! The singing bedside table!!! :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. haha. i think mr. brattcat will find this table amusing.


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