19 July 2012

Ma Ville est Tango - Fun

Not everyone danced a sensual tango like the couple we saw yesterday. This guy, for instance,was simply having the best fun.


Tout le monde ne danse pas le tango aussi  sensuellement  que le couple que nous avons vu hier. Ce gars-là, par exemple, était simplement en train de se divertir.


  1. Great shots - really up close and candid. This couple and yesterday's seem so comfortable with you snapping away!

  2. with this man it is what happens when the tango meets up with the wild fandango. wonderful.

  3. I'm really enjoying your Tango posts. You jiggled loose a memory for me... Twelve years ago when we first moved to the region, we happened upon an outdoor summer dance in Menton and I remember watching in awe as everyone glided around the makeshift dance floor along the bord de mer. The moment I remember most was when they started to play "La Mer" and everyone flooded the dance floor. The dancers and the crowd were so immersed in the song and the dancing that the outside world just disappeared for a while. It was a special moment.

  4. I love that the people in the background seem not to be giving a second look to this gentlemen. Must be a usual sight there in Menton - I love it!

  5. Nikon, Today's was taken with the 50 mm and I just waited until they were reasonably near and pretty much filled the frame. Yesterday's was taken with the 24-100 so I zoomed a bit and then cropped later. The area was surrounded by people watching and taking photos. The guy on today was aware of me and really looked at the camera in that third shot!

    Gustia, I love your story.

    Thanks for comments everyone.

  6. Loving this Tango series. Makes me want to run down to the local dance studio and try it!

  7. Anonymous19 July, 2012

    Jilly, a pity you were busy with taking photos, so you couldn't dance!! ;-))
    Have a nice day! Barbara from Germany

  8. Your tango series has been wonderful. Today, fun. Yesterday, intensity. Day before, boredom.


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