16 July 2012

Les Juilletistes

8.45 a.m. yesterday. If you get bored with looking at the beach, you can always turn around and enjoy the facade of Menton's beautiful Old Town.


08h.45 hier. Si  regarder la plage vous ennuie, vous pouvez toujours vous retourner et profiter des belles façades de la vieille ville de Menton.


  1. Very beautiful photo of a beautiful town. I love the pastels.

  2. such a beautiful dream of summer captured here. makes me wish i could paint.

  3. Anonymous16 July, 2012

    Jilly, I have loved your recent photos of the blue sea and the sunshine. Looking forward to my next visit to Menton in October. Thansk for the memories.
    Kim, Shrewsbury, England

  4. Anonymous16 July, 2012

    So early in the morning!?
    Maybe it's too hot later?
    Beautiful coulisse!
    Barbara from Germany

  5. Truly beautiful Jilly! It looks like a postcard.

  6. j'veux du soleil !!!!!

  7. 8:45 am !!!! I had no idea there'd be so many early risers in Menton !
    What a gorgeous holiday shot.


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