03 October 2012

Clos du Peyronnet - Floating Glass

The Clos du Peyronnet is one of my favourite Menton gardens. It's privately owned but open to the public on occasion and you can arrange garden visits. The owner William Waterfield has recently installed these beautiful old demijohns in the lowest of the pools. They appear to float, don't they?


Le Clos du Peyronnet est un de mes jardins préférés de  Menton. C'est un jardin privé mais qui peut être ouvert au public à l'occasion et vous pouvez y organiser des visites. Le propriétaire, William Waterfield, a récemment installé ces belles vieilles dames-jeannes dans le bassin le plus bas.  Ne vous semble-t-il pas  qu'elles flottent?


  1. I love William's Clos du Peyronnet and his little dog Prickles. Truly one of the great gardens of Menton. I agree with you - the demijohns are brilliant addition.

  2. Looks really great. And thank you Jilly for teaching me the English name of the french dame-jeannes!

  3. Rob Mandy, I had to ask someone! And Gustia, tomorrow: Prickle!

  4. The glass looks beautiful in the water.

  5. Beautiful glass in that setting!


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