01 October 2012

Triathlon! - Watch and Strap

I was taking this photo and noticed the black band around the chest of the man on the left.  I didn't know what this was - if you are a sports person you would.

Richard, the little girl's father, explained that it works in conjunction with the special watch he is wearing and tells you your heart rate. Which, considering, how tough this race is, would seem a very good idea!


En prenant cette photo, j'ai remarqué la bande noire autour de la poitrine de l'homme sur la gauche. Je ne savais pas ce que c'était - si vous êtes un sportif, vous devez le savoir.

Richard, le père de la fillette, m' a expliqué que cela fonctionne avec la surveillance spéciale qu'il porte et qui indique son rythme cardiaque. Et cela, compte tenu de la difficulté de cette course, semble une très bonne idée!


  1. I agree with Michael - a man bra. I have read somewhere of research into the stresses and strains on the female breast whilst running. This is one way of measuring it ... I suppose.

  2. Pasi from Finland01 October, 2012

    I have to comment this much: finnish quality work ;)

  3. I am embarrassed to admit that I have this, too, for heart beat monitoring when I am on a treadmill.

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